Sex Toys to Pleasure You Wherever You Are

Best Secret Sex Toys to Pleasure You Wherever You Are

There are plenty of ways to enjoy sex toys. From using them on your SO or play partner to getting toys that will satisfy you both at once, there are many great options. But what if you want to enjoy the world of adult toys all by yourself – and do it ANYWHERE you please – then maybe you should explore concealed sex toys. Never heard of them? No problem. Here’s a short list of just a few of the wonderful toys you can find to pleasure you no matter where you are!

Vibrating Panties:

These Joujou sex toys can be enjoyed anywhere – at home, work, even college, and they come with a few options. The ‘standard’ is a bullet vibrator positioned over your clit for maximum stimulation. Basic models come with a remote with on/off functions. You can also get models with a dildo or vibrator for deep penetration, and several vibration settings.

Prostate Stimulators:

Don’t worry, the wide world of sex toys haven’t forgotten the 51%. You can find a variety of prostate stimulators with similar controls as the vibrating panties. Those some are “free”, most are attached via a cock ring for ultimate pleasure and security. Enjoy deep, full orgasms wherever you are. Just remember to wear some protection to avoid staining your favorite pair of pants.

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Hidden Vibrators:

From rubber duckies to functional tubes of lipsticks, you can totally go secret spy with a plethora of hidden sex toys. There are really way too many to talk about in this article, but if you look them up you can find something for just about every room in the house. This even includes teddies to decorate your bedroom!

Pocket Pussies:

Easily packed away in a backpack or briefcase and designed to look like your average flashlight, pocket pussies are a great way to knock one out before the big business meeting or on that long flight home. Most of these come with or suggest a warming to help your pocket pussy feel like the real deal. These sex toys are perfect whether you’re single and work from home, or you’re busy balancing relationships, work, and school.

Sex toys really are that – toys for adults. They’re super fun and are great whether you’re using them by yourself or with friends. It even caters to you, daring adventurer, who might get your rocks off to getting your rocks off in public.

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